A New Year Message from Courageous Capital Advisors

Dear partners, allies and friends,

For the past several years, Courageous Capital Advisors has paused at the end of the year to acknowledge a life of purpose. This year, we acknowledge Dr. Paul Farmer who died in February 2022. Inspired by Paul’s courageous imagination, we share in a LinkedIn post a few learnings from our 2022 portfolio that inform our outlook and priorities for 2023. The first paragraph featuring a quote from Paul that resonates deeply with us, is shared below:

"With rare exceptions, all of your most important achievements on this planet will come from working with others—or, in a word, partnership.” – Dr. Paul Farmer

Dr. Paul Farmer shared these words during his extraordinary life, a life of deep purpose and contribution that ended prematurely in 2022. I had the privilege of meeting Paul several years ago and came away from our time together appreciating his commitment to building partnerships across geographies and areas of expertise to meet the real needs of people in places often ignored or overlooked by others. He lived a life of courageous imagination; he visualized a world that is inclusive and equitable for all, not only in terms of healthcare but for all services that meet people’s fundamental needs. He was a systems level thinker and understood the inextricable link between first-mile delivery of solutions community by community, and policy interventions that have the potential to distribute resources and solutions at scale. Paul not only called for partnership as the path forward in the face of poverty, climate change, and other seemingly intractable global issues; he embodied it.

At Courageous Capital Advisors, we work with and through partners to achieve greater impact. We look forward to working with and through more partners in the coming year.

With best wishes for a peaceful holiday period,

Laurie & the team at Courageous Capital Advisors