Putting one’s convictions into actions is courageous. Each one of us must move beyond our comfort zone and make Impact explicit and accountable. This is the philosophy that underpins Courageous Capital Advisors.

Recognizing that one size does not fit all, we tap a range of financial tools and instruments to combine different types of capital to achieve the impact objectives we seek in order to move us closer to our North Star.

At Courageous Capital Advisors, LLC, we believe that financial capital should be used to build a just, equitable, sustainable, and resilient society for all. We see this aspirational destination as our ‘North Star’.
Given the magnitude of the challenges confronting all of us, and the role private capital can play in contributing to solutions, how can we respond in any way other than by dialing up individual and collective commitments?

Preserving the status quo – of our commitments, in our actions – simply won’t get us to where we say we want to be. Impact must be our guide when it is needed not just when it is convenient.

Confronting this reality motivated me to establish Courageous Capital Advisors. Drawing upon a career devoted to generating positive impact with the tools of investment banking and law that started before the phrase ‘impact investing’ was even coined, I am pushing myself to go further and deeper with my commitment to forward change.

Changing our relationship with our money

We want to change people’s relationship with money—to reframe money as a means for positive outcomes and not an end to itself. This is a different way of thinking that provides more meaningful and just opportunities to use our financial resources as an enabler for positive social change.

Asking ourselves what success looks like, we answer that our key performance indicator is for more people to take a first step in investing capital for impact. And for those who have already taken a first step, to take many more, bringing others with them.

Impact investing is meaningful investing

We want every person to understand that it is possible to invest capital to advance meaningful change in the world we want to see no matter how modest or significant one’s financial means. We want to make impact investing accessible, understandable and powerful.

Courageous Capital Advisors challenges the traditional paradigm of bifurcated financial choices – maximize commercial return or make philanthropic contributions. We creatively navigate the universe between these two choices, aligning financial capital to support businesses and activities that generate demonstrable social and environmental results while producing appropriate financial return.